the qiqo effect

The guarana berry in QIQO contains guaranine, which is comparable to caffeine. Yerba Mate contains l-theanine to increase focus. 

You will feel a more gentle boost for increased focus and energy. No more "nervousness" nor the "crash" when it stops working.

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how to qiqo

1. Rip it
2. Mix it
3. Drink it
4. Feel it

The "afternoon dip Monster"

Do you ever feel fatigued, a bit irritated and constantly yawning? Chances are you have been struck by the "Afternoon Dip Monster". 
Invisible to the human eye, the "Afternoon Dip Monster" especially likes to roam around offices. 

QIQO gives you a healthy energy boost, perfect to avoid the "Afternoon Dip Monster" and have positive energy through your day.

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100% natural
0% sugar  (zero, nada).
Yes, it's truly possible. 

Full of good stuff

Contains vitamins C & B's and full of antioxidants

Boosts energy and mood

QIQO gives you a healthy energy boost, and a smile on your face
(a bit like chocolate does).

The QIQO blend

  • Yerba Mate

    is rich in vitamin C & contains more antioxidants than Green Tea.

    Sourced from the Itapau region in Paraguay from "rainforrest alliance" certified farms

  • Guarana

    is a natural energizer that gives you a mental & physical boost.

    Sourced from the Amazonia region in Brazil, from suppliers supporting cultural, social and farming projects.

  • Fruity taste

    "fruity lemon/lime with a ginger touch"
    is how consumers describe the taste. Muy bueno!

  • super powder

    All QIQO ingredients extracted, dried and grinded into powder.  Super convenient to carry with you.

What do the experts think of QIQO?

Products that are good for you often taste bad. QIQO doesn't and scores great on every aspect with a natural mix of Guarana & Yerba Mate.

– Sebert Penen, Performance trainer

It drinks like a tea, but it improves your concentration. I compare it to a cup of coffee, but with vitamins and antioxidants (and a better taste).

– Evelyne Mertens, MSc Dietician

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"I drink it on a daily basis. I really like the flavor and the fact that it doesn't make you nervouss or jitterisch." ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Celineschh

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Hola, we're Amo, Max and Kris.
We believe in sparking positive energy! We want a world full of fun, where every day feels like a Friday.
That's why we made QIQO.
Now you know what to say next time George Clooney asks you "What Else?"
Enjoy natural energy!

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What is QIQO?

QIQO is a hot, natural energizing drink. Think of it as the effect of coffee, with the taste of a fruity tea.

Is QIQO healthy?

Unlike many other drinks, QIQO is 100% natural and contains 0% sugar. Moreover, QIQO is full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants from Mate and Guarana. To top it off, QIQO is absorbed slowly in the blood, so you won't go on an energy rollercoaster alternating spikes and crashes.

So yes, when drunk in moderation, QIQO is good for you!

What's the difference between QIQO and coffee?

QIQO is like coffee without the drama.

It gives you a smooth, balanced energy boost because of the ingredients that are absorbed more slowly in the blood. Because of the 'Guaranine' and 'Mateine' in QIQO, you don't feel the nervousness of having too much caffeine ("jitters"), nor the "crash" which causes you to look for another double shot to keep you going for a couple of hours.

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Can QIQO help me lose weight?

Yes, QIQO (which has 0 sugar) controls your appetite and accelerates your metabolism. Studies have shown that the Guarana and Mate found in QIQO give you a steady appetite and eliminate unnecessary cravings.

Is QIQO light on the stomach?

Yes! Ever had the feeling of rushing to the toilet as soon as you had a cup of coffee? So did we!

Coffees are acidic components, which provokes your stomach and make you run for the toilet. QIQO is based on an alkaline base from Mate. Therefore, it neutralizes the acidity in your stomach rather than enhancing it.

QIQO = happy tummy in a happy body.

Is QIQO good for sports?

Yes! QIQO will give you an increase in energy, mood and alertness. Because of the smoother energy effect the Mate in QIQO is already being drunk by athletes all over the world like Messi, Suarez, Griezmann.

What does QIQO taste like?

QIQO has a fruity, bittersweet flavor. Check out the reviews on the product page & facebook to see what consumers think of the taste.

Does QIQO contain caffeine?

Yes and No. The caffeine found in Guarana and Yerba Mate are often called "Guaranine" and "Mateine". 

Guaranine can be found in the Guarana seed and is absorbed more slowly by the blood, causing a smoother effect without the nervousness spikes ("jitters") and energy drops ("crashes").

Mateine is sometimes used as name to describe the caffeine in Mate, but combined with Mate's two other two active components: Theobromine and Theophylline. These three components work together to provide a gentle, clean and calm boost of energy.

Can you drink QIQO hot or cold?

We designed QIQO as a hot beverage, because we wanted to drink something else than coffee to fight the "Afternoon Dip Monster'. But QIQO is delicious in cold water as well! All you need to do is stir it up a bit.

Try "Iced QIQO" or pouring 2 pouches of QIQO in your daily drinking bottle, it's delicious! Check our Instagram page (@drinkqiqo) to see how it's made.

Are the sachets recyclable?

Not yet. We're working hard on making all our packaging from recyclable material, and the sachets recyclable or biodegradable.

Is QIQO suitable for vegetarians / vegans?

Yes, absolutely. QIQO is fully animal free!

Can QIQO be used if I'm pregnant / breastfeeding?

No, we don't advise QIQO for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Can children use QIQO?

Theoretically they can. It's certainly healthier than sugar-bombed-soda's. However, we believe children should get their energy boosts from playing outside and sleeping enough. We would rather advise children to take a nap when facing the "Afternoon Dip Monster".

How do the subscriptions work?

Easy as 1-2-3.

You choose the volume and frequency, and place your order via the "I subscribe & save" option.

You'll get 10% off with every order, and will get a notification 3 days before every order will placed.

On holidays, or just not drinking a lot of QIQO for a while? No worries, you can cancel your subscription anytime, without cost, without questions askes (we would still be sad to see you leave though).

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